Meet the Artist: Christina Petrosian

I'm a native of Washington, D.C., deeply passionate about the world of art. My educational journey has taken me through the realms of Fine Arts and Graphic Design at both American University and the Corcoran College of Art and Design. Furthering my studies, I earned my B.A. and M.A. from Georgetown University, specializing in Art History and Visual Culture.

As a mixed media artist, I use my experiences from traveling around the world and interest in different cultures as inspiration to my creative process. I am drawn to incorporating texture and nature to both attract viewers to and encourage interaction with my work. The act of creation is deeply personal to me. I meticulously select elements that hold personal significance, ensuring that each piece represents my unique sources of inspiration. I am profoundly dedicated to exploring the boundless possibilities of mixed media, constantly experimenting with innovative techniques to craft distinct and improved outcomes.

Every creation I embark upon marks a journey of artistic growth, expanding my creative horizons and ultimately resulting in pieces that bring as much joy to their owners as they did during their inception. I take great pride in handcrafting my artwork in my home studio, utilizing environmentally friendly materials sourced for their quality. 

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